3 Reasons to Include Solar Screens on Your Spring Cleaning Checklist
Spring cleaning can be a cathartic time for many people who use this as an opportunity to declutter, deep clean and refresh their space. While many people have the basic cleaning and organizing idea for spring down pat, something you might want to consider for your spring cleaning checklist is actually a little outside the box– solar screens! Here at Unlimited Property Solutions, we have thought of at least three reasons why you might want to think about adding solar screens to your spring cleaning checklist:

  1. Sunshine. Living in an area with lots of sunshine is wonderful, but that doesn’t mean you want all of the negative effects inside your own home, such as excess heat, glare, and fading of materials in direct light. With solar screens, you can keep the light in while also allowing for privacy and keeping the heat outside.
  2. Timing. A common item on many people’s spring cleaning list is a good window cleaning. There is no better time to have solar screens installed than when your windows have been freshly cleaned.
  3. Safety. Did you know that as much as 90% of our UV exposure comes from indoor light? Even if you’re careful about sunscreen going outdoors, chances are you don’t slather up when you’re inside all day– we just don’t think about it! Solar screens are capable of screening out the harmful UV rays like a pair of sunglasses for your windows, so you’ll have fewer damaging rays to worry about.

We would love to tell you more about our solar screens and how they can benefit your home or office. Please contact us today for more information.