Driveway Sealing

Driveway sealing may seem like an unnecessary expense on an already expensive driveway, but it can do wonders for the longevity and quality of this outdoor area. Here are five reasons to consider investing in driveway sealing.

1.  Protects a New Driveway- A new driveway without a crack or stain looks very impressive. But much like a white pair of shoes, it can quickly get scuffed and lose its sheen. Driveway sealing on a new driveway can help prevent early onset damage and discoloration in the same way a clear wrap on a new car can protect the paint. It is a simple job that can greatly increase the longevity of the new driveway.

2.  Prevents Cracks from Getting Worse- When cracks do form in pavement, often fillers are used to fill the cracks and prevent further damage. When the crack is filled in, a top coat of driveway sealing can help the filler settle and prevent anything bad from happening on the recovering crack. After a new fix-up of a driveway, it can never hurt to seal in the repairs.

3.  Makes Driveways More Slippery- Sealant does not mean cars and kids will have a hard time getting traction on the pavement, but the surface will be smoother due to the driveway sealing, making it more slippery to water. Water is a big enemy of pavement, as the soaking up of water can cause expansion that damages the concrete or stone that the driveway is made of. Adding a sealant will prevent water from being able to soak in, and theoretically make water run right off the driveway.

4.  Easier to Clean Driveway- As mentioned in the previous point, water will run off the driveway as the sealant acts like a hydrophobic coating. This means that liquids like oil from a car or long-standing dirt will not be able to soak into the driveway either. A driveway sealing can make cleaning the pavement as easy as just spraying it down because it will not be as easy to soil.

5.  Prevent Color from Fading- As concrete and asphalt age, they begin to lose their color due to weathering damage. A driveway sealing can both seal in the color and put off the damage of time for longer, as well as add a new layer of dark color to a fading driveway.