PaintingSo you’ve decided that your home needs a new coat of paint.  Is it really as simple as going out, choosing your paint color, buying a couple of gallons of paint and some paint supplies and then quickly applying it?  At first glance, it may appear that this is the process to follow.  Unfortunately, if you follow this exact procedure, you may end up having to redo the paint job in a short amount of time.  Experienced painters know that a quality painting job involves a few more steps than it first appears.

In order to complete a painting job that will leave your home in excellent condition for a prolonged time period, the first thing to do is to get rid of any dirt, dust or grime that is on the surface to be painted.  This can often be achieved through a high-pressure cleaning.  Next, you need to check for any areas that have holes to be sealed off—such as around doors or windows.  As a professional painting service, we can find cracks and crevices that might otherwise go unnoticed.  The third thing to do is to get rid of any cracked or loose paint, sanding and scraping as necessary.  This will give a smooth surface that will allow the paint to adhere better.  Fourth, prime any surfaces that look particularly dry or maybe a little rough still.  The fifth and final step is to paint the area.

At Unlimited Property Solutions, we are committed to doing a quality painting job that will leave your home in excellent condition.  In addition to the aforementioned steps, we also are able to repair cracks in stucco using an elastomeric patch.  At your request, we can also paint spouting, shutters, awnings and porches.  Call us when your home needs a little special treatment, and we’ll spruce it up.