Driveway Paver Sealing: Protect Your Investment!If you have an unsealed brick paver driveway, cracks, fading, and other damage can result from weather and time. Nearby tree roots and heavy vehicles can also cause damage. To avoid or minimize these issues, brick paver driveways should always be sealed.

Paver sealing prevents the color from fading and makes cleaning off leaked fluids from vehicles (like oil) much easier, since the spill can’t seep into the pores and spaces between the bricks.

When hiring a contractor to do a paver sealing job, be sure to ask what kind of sealing chemical he uses. There are lots of different kinds of sealers, including acrylic, stain-prevention, glossy, color-protection, high-gloss, and more. The type of paver sealing you should choose depends on where the pavers are located, the types of elements they will be exposed to, etc.

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