Irrigation - Landscape Design Company in Winter Haven, FLWhen you understand your lawn’s needs and tailor your irrigation practices to suit the conditions in Central Florida, you’ll get an environmentally friendly and healthy garden.

Watering in the late evening or early morning, when wind speeds and temperatures are at their lowest, will reduce the loss of water through evaporation. Check with your Cooperative Extension Service or Water Management District office to find out how often to irrigate. Tighter restrictions may be required, ranging from 1 day a week to 2 days a week, or as restrictive as from 8am to 6pm with no watering allowed.

To keep your garden healthy with sufficient water, it’s vital to set the timer with an irrigation schedule that suits the average amount of rainfall. For instance, in Central Florida, the recommended schedule is 2 days a week with a watering run time that differs every month. See the table below:

January: 12 minutes

July: 49 minutes

February: 10 minutes

August: 60 minutes

March:17 minutes

September: 48 minutes

April: 40 minutes

October: 43 minutes

May: 64 minutes

November: 32 minutes

June: 50 minutes

December:16 minutes

By following this schedule, you could save between 10 and 20 percent on your water bill. But, if the rainfall is not typical, watch out for signs of excessive wilting. Also, the amount of water needed can differ according to the type of plants you have.

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