Brick pavers are a popular medium for paving of all types in Florida. Many homeowners in the state opt for brick pavers because of their upscale style and undoubted durability. Pavers are installed using a special sand called “polymeric sand.” This allows the pavers to remain stable and help the installer keep the pavers level. After the bricks are placed on the sand, additional sand is added to fill in the cracks between pavers. However, this is not the final step! It is important to add paver sealing at the end of paver installation.

benefits of paver sealing

Paver sealing offers many benefits:

  • Water resistance to avoid erosion and resist growth of mold and mildew
  • Protection from the sun so paver colors remain vibrant
  • Provide a barrier to ants and prevent weeds from taking hold

These many benefits highlight why it is so important to include paver sealing with your paver installation: paver sealing makes your pavers last! After you have invested in the time and money it takes to install brick pavers, be sure to make the time to invest in quality paver sealing. The sealant provides not only practical benefits, but also can enhance the look of the pavers themselves. There are many good reasons to pursue paver sealing!

In addition to choosing paver sealing as part of the installation process, paver sealing can also be added to pavers later on. In fact, just like any paving material, brick pavers will last better with care and maintenance. If your paver sealant is wearing off, or if you aren’t sure if it was included in installation, contact us for assistance! We are happy to help you with the cleaning and sealing process.