It may be tempting to look at a home and garden magazine and want your yard to look like one of the landscape design photos. While it is great to get ideas from print and online sources, it is important to keep in mind that you will want to revise them a bit to accommodate your needs. You are in a different climate, have different soils, and even a different family than the homes in those picture-perfect photos you are looking at. That is not to say you can’t have an equally luxurious property, but you will need to consider the following important components of landscape design.

Landscape Design

  • What grows well in your climate? Just because you can find a certain species of flower, grass or plant at a local big box retailer doesn’t mean it will grow easily at your home. You’ll fare better with a local nursery, but you should still ask what the growing requirements are before settling on something just because you like the look of it. Native plants are a great idea when you want to be certain something will grow in your climate.
  • How is your lawn used? You might love the look of a spiky plant, but if you have kids or pets that play in the yard, these might not be the best option to have in your landscape design. Delicate plants might also be a bad idea.
  • Where are you looking to plant each item? Consider such factors as available sunlight and water conditions when choosing plants for your landscape design. For example, a shade-loving flower needs a different spot than a full-sun one.
  • Color preferences. Do you like a splattering of every color in the rainbow or several shades of one or two colors? Do you like complementary colors or contrasting ones? Do you want colorful flowers at all? Also consider how the colors will look with your home and other structures.
  • Do you need to upgrade the irrigation? Know if the plants you are choosing are drought tolerant or water hogs so you can make sure to have your irrigation system working in the proper way. It may need to be adjusted if you change up your landscape design.

If you would like help coming up with the right landscape design for your Winter Haven, Florida area home, give us a call at Unlimited Property Solutions. We are equipped to handle the work for you, as well as advise you on the best options for your needs. Our goal is for your landscape design to add value to your home and make it every bit as beautiful as you see in photos online and in print.