It can drive you insane to hear about all the secret products that guarantee you will have a lush lawn and landscaping if you’ll only send in a small fortune . . .  plus shipping and handling. Here’s the real secret to a lush lawn: proper irrigation. It might surprise you how truly simple this advice is, but read on for why this is the case.

First of all, you have probably noticed that your lawn grows more during the rainy season than the dry season. In fact, it can turn brown and die when we go weeks without rain. It isn’t just a problem that the grass died, but guess what survives just fine with less water? Yep, you guessed it, weeds! Your lawn can go from lush to weeds in no time without the proper irrigation to keep the grass healthy so it can continue to choke out the weeds.

Here’s another interesting thing about all that rain – it comes down pretty evenly across your property. That is what a quality irrigation system must do. If it skips areas, waters a large chunk of your sidewalk instead of grass, or doesn’t give some areas the correct amount of water, this is where problems develop that can quickly spread across your lawn.

Notice that we said the “correct” amount of water. Too much water or the wrong schedule of the watering can be just as detrimental to a lush lawn as not getting enough water. For grass to put down nice, deep roots, it should be given enough water to keep it alive but encourage it to seek out the water that has trickled down into the soil. Water it wrong, and you’ll have shallow roots and sickly grass.

Here at Unlimited Property Solutions, our landscaping division has the expertise to design and implement an irrigation system that will provide you with the lush lawn you desire. It is our goal to make Winter Haven, Florida beautiful, one lush lawn at a time. Contact us today to learn more about our landscaping and irrigation services that will have your lawn “barefoot friendly” in no time.