Here at Unlimited Property Solutions, we know you want to keep your yard looking great, and a key step to doing that is to make sure all your plants are getting enough water. While someone extremely dedicated or detail-oriented could water everything by hand, most people have multiple other responsibilities that take precedence over maintaining their landscape in such a hands-on way. If you fall into that second category, you and your yard could benefit from an irrigation system. In this article, our team at Unlimited Property Solutions will go over three key things that you need to know about irrigation before you install a system.

benefit from an irrigation system

  • There are Laws About Irrigation- One of the first things to know before installing an irrigation system is that your area may have laws about such systems. While these laws are more common in areas with dry climates, irrigation laws can kick in even here in Florida during times of drought—for example, in a prolonged period with no rain, you may become legally limited to only running your sprinklers once a week.
  • Irrigation Can Refer to Many Systems- Another thing to know about irrigation is that there are multiple systems designed to accomplish the same purpose. While most people are familiar with the pipes and sprinklers variety, there are also drip irrigation systems, underground irrigation systems, and even canal irrigation systems, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Our team here at Unlimited Property Solutions can discuss your specific needs and help you decide which type of system is best for you.
  • Your System Needs Regular Maintenance- The main point of installing an irrigation system is to help you cut down on the amount of direct maintenance you have to do on your yard. However, this doesn’t mean you can eliminate all maintenance tasks, as the irrigation system itself will need some regular attention to ensure it keeps operating as efficiently as possible. This includes checking the pipes, pumps, and sprinkler heads and doing regular backflow tests—fortunately, you can turn to our team at Unlimited Property Solutions to take care of these steps for you.