In the ongoing battle to have the most appealing landscaping possible, you may be considering landscape curbing because of the polished, formal look it can impart to a yard. As is the case with any material or product, there are advantages and disadvantages involved. It is important to fully understand what to expect in terms of durability, cost, and design options.

Landscape Curbing

  • Durability – Of all the edging options available, landscape curbing is one of the most durable. It won’t deteriorate like other materials and stands up to even extreme weather conditions.
  • Versatility – You’ll find plenty of design options to choose from, as landscape curbing is found in different shapes and colors, giving you a practically endless array. You’ll find it easy to match your home’s architecture and your personal style.
  • Cost – While landscape curbing is costlier than some other forms of edging initially, the fact that you won’t have to replace it every few seasons because of rot, fading, damage, and other problems makes it a wise investment in the long run. Also consider that you’ll be increasing your home’s curb appeal, which can mean a higher selling price down the road.
  • Maintenance – Landscape curbing doesn’t need much in the way of maintenance. It is easy enough to repair should any damage occur, such as a crack or chip. On the flip side, however, as a more permanent option, it can be an issue if you decide later to change the layout of your yard. For this reason, it is important to take the time to plan the layout carefully. If you are someone who likes to rearrange your yard often, landscape curbing might not be your best choice.

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