Landscape DesignGood landscape design can turn your lawn into a veritable paradise to behold.  A landscape design that matches the style of your home gives your property a feeling of unity.  When you are working towards a beautiful lawn, there are certain elements that it is important to consider.

Elements of Landscape Design

  • Focal Point. Choose the area that you want to be the focus of your landscape design.
  • You can match the style of your landscape to the style of your home through the plants, plant containers and artwork you choose.
  • Visual Line. This means a part of your landscape design that meanders through your lawn such as a walkway, wall, or edging.  Visual line can either direct the gaze or take you somewhere physically.  Just remember that curvy lines tend to be more appealing than straight lines.
  • Patterns and Texture. You can achieve this through the kinds of plants and building materials used for your lawn. Using items of uniform shape and texture creates a feeling of order.  However, using a variety of textures can add boldness to your landscape.
  • Bright colors make your landscape bold and festive, while cool colors make it calm and serene.
  • Balance and Scale. This refers to the relative size of your building materials, plant containers and artwork compared to the size of your home.  It also refers to balancing large and small elements of the landscape design.

Our landscape division has the experience and the ability to help you design an aesthetically pleasing lawn.  At Unlimited Property Solutions, we are ready and happy to help you in achieving the landscape design of your dreams.