unlimited property solutionsYou’ve pulled out all the stops to make your garden and home look great. So why let everything vanish out of sight when darkness falls? With some strategically placed lighting and the flick of a switch, you can roll back the night and show it all off.

Done properly, landscape lighting will make the best of what you have by drawing attention to prized trees and plants and highlighting your home’s architectural features.

Today, most landscape lighting is low-voltage, which is a good thing. Unlike 120-volt systems, it’s less costly to install, and it’s safer. Thanks to step-down transformers, low-voltage lights use one-tenth of the power, but there’s no limit to the effects that can be achieved – from a subtle glow over a garden wall to ethereal moonlight cascading from a tree canopy. Landscape lighting is not just about choosing the right hardware; it’s also about artistry.

How long will the fixtures last? Warranties generally range from 1 to 10 years, butif you buy fixtures made of stainless steel, copper or brass, they should shine indefinitely. What about maintenance? Be sure to keep the fixtures free of debris and leaves to prevent them from overheating. Also replace any burnt-out bulbs right away, so others on the circuit aren’t at risk of life-shortening overloads.

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