paintingPainting your home’s exterior can give it a whole new look while adding significant value to your property. However, in order to reap the benefits that come from painting your home, you have to go with the right color. At Unlimited Property Solutions, we have some tips for getting it right.

Painting Your Home’s Exterior? Follow These Tips To Pick Out The Right Color

  • Think About Your Home’s Style. Imagine a classic, federal-style home painted in a dark, burnt orange color. Chances are, this probably wouldn’t look so great. As you pick out paint for the exterior of your home, let your home’s architectural style guide you. You may find that colors that are historically accurate for your home’s style are really what look best.
  • Consider the Overall Visual Effect. Take a minute and think about how your home fits in with the landscaping that surrounds it and the rest of your street. If you want your home to stand out, you might want to think about going with a slightly brighter color. Comparatively, if you want your home to recede more into your yard, you might want to go with a darker color.
  • Stick with Three Shades. Every exterior painting scheme should have three major parts: the field color, which is the dominant color; the accent color, which highlights doors, shutters, and other small areas; and the trim color, which is used for roof edging, door and window casings. If you’re having a hard time finding three shades of the same color, keep in mind that most major paint brands have pre-selected palettes you can pick from.