Paver Services

Driveways are an often-overlooked part of a home that receives tons of abuse. Between being driven over by thousands of pounds of machinery multiple times a day and the effects of thermal expansion/retraction, the paved areas take in a lot of pressure. Over time, cracks and weathering can make the materials next to unsalvageable, and damage may be near impossible to keep on top of. Redoing a driveway is no simple task and will require the help of paver services to tear up and lay down new pavers.

How Long do Pavers Last?

Typical brick pavers should last a minimum of 20 years, but can push 25 years if kept up. The age of course varies based on the maintenance of the pavers, but proper care can bump the lifetime to that 25-year mark.

How do I Maintain my Pavers?

When pavers are installed, the paver services should give specific instructions on how to maintain the particular type of pavement. However, maintenance tends to be easy and streamlined; washing and replacing broken bricks are the primary goals. When dirty, a pressure washer and cleaning fluid can keep dirt from building between bricks, and replacing broken bricks can help maintain structural rigidity.

How do I Redo my Pavers?

Call us at Unlimited Property Solutions for paver services when you feel you need to get your driveway redone, because this is typically a large, difficult job. We guarantee a beautiful and long-lasting walkway, patio, or driveway will be installed!