Retaining walls are structures that are first and foremost designed to keep soil in place. Although they serve a functional purpose, the retaining walls we build are also designed to enhance the aesthetics of any yard. If you are getting ready to have us build a retaining wall in your yard, here are some tips for making it stand out:

Retaining Walls 101: How to Make Your Retaining Wall Stand Out


retaining walls

  • Be creative–Keep in mind that retaining walls don’t necessarily have to be perfectly straight. In fact, having a retaining wall in your yard that curves along its edge can give your landscaping more texture and interest.
  • Go for terracing—When you build a retaining wall up from a lower grade, you will need to incorporate terracing into your design plans. As you design your retaining wall, make sure each terrace has a slight offset so that it its overall shape will flow seamlessly together.
  • Make sure you account for drainage—If your retaining wall will have a slope, you need to make sure there is additional drainage at the base of it. In most cases, this can be done by adding a fabric-covered drainage pipe and gravel to the base of the retaining wall.