Retaining Walls: Functional and BeautifulRetaining walls are typically constructed in places where additional support is required to prevent soil from moving downhill with erosion. The basic function is to fight against gravity, and therefore the slope’s lateral force must be offset in the design of the wall. But, retaining walls are not just functional – they can also be beautiful elements of landscaping.

A retaining wall also helps slow down the flow of rainwater, thereby increasing the utility of your lawn care and gardening. Homeowners in Winter Haven, Florida can help keep contaminated street water out of nearby rivers by having a water-thirsty retaining wall system installed. A rain garden could also perhaps be incorporated into the design.

So when are retaining walls needed? You may need one if . . .

  • Your house is downhill from soil fault lines. Any good landscaper will tell you that, even if your home isn’t being threatened by erosion right now, under the right conditions, it could. For example, land typically slides from fault lines during an earthquake.
  • You have a downhill erosion problem. A retaining wall minimizes erosion by reducing the slope’s angle and holding back the soil.
  • Your foundation is under threat of a sliding hill. The foundation can be seriously compromised by erosion. In such situations, constructing retaining walls is one of the most vital jobs that professional handyman services and contracting companies perform.

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