unlimited property solutionsOn healthy hillsides, the ground is covered with vegetation, the roots of which help to hold the soil in place. When that growth is removed – as may happen in a fire – the vegetation can no longer do the job. This could lead to serious mudslides, due to the ground literally washing away down the hill.

So, basically, erosion begins when vegetation covering a sloped surface ceases to exist. Flooding, excessive rain, drought conditions and other weather-related events can destroy the beneficial growth, leaving the soil vulnerable and loose. The solution lies in the construction of sturdy retaining walls.

Retaining walls are built according to the lay of the land. They are positioned at a right angle to the downward slope, and the materials are placed so the natural hillside is not disturbed. Usually, the wall will slope in a backwards direction towards the hill it is holding. This ‘leaning’ is so slight that it’s not visible to the naked eye.

Construction should be done by a professional because several technical considerations come into play, particularly if the wall must withstand the strain of water weight or tons of soil. Another important issue is drainage.

Retaining walls can also be attractive additions to landscape designs. For example, in a multi-level garden, they can be placed in tiers. If built properly, you can expect a retaining wall to last for decades.

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