Yes, sealing pavers is vital in keeping the appearance of your landscape pristine. Beautiful paving adds a magnificent dimension to any outdoor space. Brick pavers require minimal maintenance, and they’ll last a lifetime if properly cared for; plus, they will prolong the usable life of your outdoor living areas.

Take a look at this before-and-after sealing picture:


First of all, sealing intensifies the patterns and colors, while adding a lustrous sheen to the surface. Sealant also protects the surface, and it’s much easier to remove stains that can occur as a result of heavy use of the area. Moreover, a quality sealing product will prevent dust from spreading and entering your home.

In addition to intensifying the color, sealant helps preserve color. When brick pavers are made, pigmentation is used to make colors. Although the pavers shouldn’t fade, they may show signs of wear and start to erode. As already mentioned, removing stubborn stains like grease and oil is so much easier when the paving is sealed. Because the sealant prevents stains from permeating the surface, all you need do is wipe them off with a cloth as soon as possible.

Since there are various types of sealants, our professional contractors can advise you on the right type for your paving. The different types include high-gloss sealers, color protection sealers, general sealers, stain prevention sealers, and acrylic sealers.

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