Keeping your lawn looking its best takes quite a bit of work and attention. Despite doing so, however, you can still notice areas that aren’t doing as well as you would like. In order to improve the situation, particularly if it entails a large area, you may be wondering whether seeding or sod replacement is your best option. There are advantages with each to consider, so here’s a few tips to get you started.


Seeding – Advantages:

One advantage of seeding is that there are more options in terms of species and the ability to blend different cultivars to gain the traits you want most, such as disease resistance and ideal ones for soil type and water conditions. It is also initially lower in cost to seed than to sod.

Seeding – Disadvantages:

If you go with seeding, you can expect to higher water costs because initial watering is critical. If you were hoping to keep weeds at bay, seeding isn’t going to help you with that until it has time to become fully established. It will also take much longer to get the dense lawn you are hoping for, and reseeding is often needed for optimal results.

Sod – Advantages:

Putting in sod has several advantages to consider. First, it can be planted anytime during the growing season rather than waiting for optimal germination conditions as you would with seeding. However, if your goal is to get rooting to take place quickly, spring and fall are the times often advised. You’ll be able to walk on your lawn much sooner with sod. Sod is basically weed-free and will give you the instant results you desire.

Sod – Disadvantages:

Sod has a higher initial cost, and your choice of species will be limited to what local sod producers grow. It also needs plenty of water to help prevent shrinking, which can permit weeds to invade along the edges. Sod won’t kill perennial weeds, so care must be taken with initial soil preparation, but that is also the case with seeding.

If you would like to know more about sod and find out if that is the best option for your needs, give us a call at Unlimited Property Solutions. To get the best success from sod, it is important to install it properly, and you can count on us to take the necessary steps to give you the great-looking lawn you deserve. Call today to schedule a time to get a quote for your lawn needs.