When it comes to a lawn, there’s nothing quite like a vast expanse of lush, green grass! If you have a scorched earth due to a new build or recent renovations, however, you want to see that green expanse once more. There are a few different ways to get the lawn that you’ve been dreaming of, but the two most common are to lay sod or apply grass seeds. Here are a few factors to help your decision on whether you should sod or seed.

sod will always need to be laid by a professional landscaping company

If you are thinking of sod, keep in mind that it will cost substantially more than seed. Many people are willing to pay the difference because of the instant transformation that sod provides. If you have the time and are on a tight budget, however, grass seed will give you great results faster than you might think. Additionally, when laid correctly, sod will overlap slightly and prohibit weeds from sneaking into the open dirt.

If the financial appeal of seed is drawing you in, you need to account for the time as well. Grass seed cannot be walked on while it is sprouting or growing. This might be a difficult option for families with pets or children who will understandably want to play outside. You can cut the cost down further by laying the seeds yourself, whereas sod will always need to be laid by a professional landscaping company like ours at Unlimited Property Solutions.

What do you think? Would you choose sod or seed for your own property?