LawncareNo doubt, you’ve heard nightmarish tales about certain service providers, like those who don’t answer phone calls, do shoddy work, and even vanish altogether with clients’ money. Unfortunately, the commercial lawncare industry also has bad apples. But knowing how to recognize some red flags can avoid the headaches of dealing with them.

  • They do not use contracts. You, as a business professional, know that contracts are important in letting both parties know what’s expected of them. If the company in question doesn’t offer a contract for you to review, it’s a sign of unprofessionalism.
  • They are not well-informed. When you ask a consultant questions about their methods and procedures, and the person seems unsure of him or herself and can’t answer your questions satisfactorily, this should set off warning bells right away.
  • Your phone calls aren’t returned. Communication is essential, especially when establishing a new relationship with a commercial lawncare company. If your emails or calls are not returned within 24 hours, this is a good indication of future frustrations.
  • Their approach isn’t customized. Lawncare is not just about trimming hedges and cutting grass. Every property is unique. Not only should the company ask about your needs, but a consultant should also conduct a personalized assessment of your grounds.

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