It can be quite surprising how quickly an immaculate lawn can become an ugly one. Just a few weeks of being unable to maintain your landscaping for whatever reason can put you in the position of wondering whether to get on the path of weeding and fertilizing or skip it and go with fresh new sod. Here are a few situations in which new sod makes the best option.

1.  Time Constraints – It can take a long time to nurse a damaged lawn back to life, and that may not be something you want to deal with. While it is true that it can take quite a few hours to remove the old lawn, fix any grade problems, amend the soil, prepare the soil for the sod, and then lay the sod, it is a relatively inexpensive job to hire out and will likely be done in less than a week.

2.  Affordable – By the time you consider all the chemicals you’ll need to restore your lawn as well as put a value on your time to shop, transport, and apply those chemicals, you may find that professional sod replacement services are the more affordable option. Save your vacation time for something more enjoyable than battling with your lawn!

3.  Environment – The use of all those chemicals is not good for the environment, and there may even be regulations in place that won’t allow you to use certain ones at specific times of the year. This can further slow your lawn recovery.

Here at Unlimited Property Solutions, we offer quality sod that will save you time while being affordable and better for the environment. We can perform sod services in conjunction with other landscaping services, and we can also put in an irrigation system, if needed, to ensure the new sod does well. We serve the Winter Haven, Florida area with quality landscaping and other services that will make your outdoor spaces everything you envision. Don’t suffer another day with an ugly lawn – our landscaping division is here to help, and we love a challenge!