paver sealingIf brick pavers dot your landscaping, the thought of paver sealing and whether it’s really necessary has probably crossed your mind a few times. Although paver sealing isn’t something you need to have done very frequently, there are a few reasons why it is well worth the investment.

What’s The Point Of Paver Sealing

  • Enhance the appearance of your pavers—Over time, the brick pavers on your property will start to fade and look worn in certain areas. By having them sealed, you can revitalize the color of your pavers and keep them from fading.
  • Eliminate stains—The paver sealing process makes removing stubborn oil, grease, and rubber stains from your pavers. This is because, if your pavers have been sealed, these substances will not be able to soak deep into your pavers. As a result, cleaning stains off your pavers may involve simply applying a degreaser and spraying them down with your garden hose.
  • Protect your pavers—When you have your pavers sealed, you are essentially applying a protective coating to them. This coating can prevent the weather from taking a toll on your pavers while also keeping the pavers in high-traffic areas in good condition.

At Unlimited Property Solutions, we want you to keep in mind that if we install new pavers on your property, it’s a good idea to have them sealed soon after that. This will prevent wear and tear and ensure your pavers contribute to the aesthetics of your property for many years to come.