Professional Landscaping ServicesLandscape design requires completely different skills from interior design. It also evolves and changes over time – trees mature, flowers wither, and bushes grow and spread. This is when a professional landscaper can be invaluable. To make your yard the envy of the neighborhood, follow our 3 tips for hiring and working with landscaping services.

  1. Set a Budget: Have a firm idea of what you can spend. Not only does this give the landscaper a helpful set of starting parameters, but it will also save both of you frustrations down the line. You don’t want to fall in love with sketches of stately trees and lavish flowers, only to find out that you can’t afford them, and the landscaper doesn’t want to waste his or her time drawing up a detailed plan that will later have to be ditched.
  2. Know What You Want: Do you prefer wild gardens or a more formal look? Are you prepared to take on specimens that need lots of attention and care, or do you want plants that flourish under benign neglect?
  3. Provide Helpful Documents: Although our landscaping services division will conduct a site visit, they will probably require a copy of your property plan before starting work on the design, especially if permits are involved.

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