Clean & Seal Pavers, Winter Haven, FL

We suggest that you clean & seal pavers at your Winter Haven home after installation and annually after that.

Clean & Seal Pavers in Winter Haven, Florida
Pavers have become a very popular material for outdoor living spaces in Winter Haven, Florida and throughout Central Florida, and this has resulted in some homeowners tackling the installation themselves. Generally, the DIY project looks great at first, but over time, it may not stay that way because of fading, staining, mold, mildew, weeds and shifted pavers. If you have this problem or want to avoid many of these inevitable problems, give us a call at Unlimited Property Solutions. We can come out and clean & seal your pavers, which is a highly recommended process after any paver installation.

The key to home improvement starts outside!

Benefits of Cleaning and Sealing Your Pavers

There are a number of reasons to clean & seal pavers. Besides avoiding the aforementioned problems, your pavers will be waterproofed, and their appearance will be enhanced as it brings out their more vibrant and natural color. If you do not want the shiny gloss look, we can also clean & seal pavers with a product that protects the pavers without altering their matte appearance.

Our service to clean & seal pavers is recommended for all outdoor living areas, including pool decks, patios and lanais. Know that there are also things you can do in addition to our professional service to keep your pavers looking like new. For example, on a weekly basis, we recommend sweeping excess dirt and dust off of the surface of your pavers. Then, rinse down the area to remove any additional dirt or grime. In addition to our services to clean & seal pavers, taking these steps can ensure the beauty and durability of your pavers for years to come.

Reasons to Turn to Our Team

When it comes time to clean & seal pavers professionally, there are many reasons why we’re the ones for the job. These include the following:

·         We’ve been cleaning and sealing pavers since 2004. We know what we’re doing, which products and cleaning techniques work best, and the right way to beautify the pavers on your property.

·         We value our customers and their complete satisfaction. We want to make sure you are completely happy with the results of our workmanship, and we won’t stop at anything to ensure your satisfaction.

·         We do the job right the first time. After we clean and seal your pavers, you’ll notice we provided excellent workmanship and results that will last several years.

Remember that the longer you put off cleaning and sealing your pavers, the harder it will be to restore their appearance. Our experienced team can assess how often you should clean and seal your pavers to ensure their appearance, longevity, and durability, so they continue to add appeal to your property.

Get Started Today

We suggest that you clean & seal pavers every couple of years, as the seal wears off over time, especially in high-traffic areas such as walkways and driveways. Give us a call, and we’ll inspect your pavers to see if they are due to be resealed and provide you with a quote for the project.

At Unlimited Property Solutions, we clean & seal pavers in Winter Haven, Lakeland, Auburndale, Bartow, Haines City, Polk City, Mulberry, Davenport, Lake Wales, Fort Meade, Plant City, Winston, Lakeland Highlands, Brandon, and all of Polk County, Florida.