Efflorescence Removal, Bartow, FL

Remove efflorescence from your paving stones.

You want your outdoor living space to looks its best, but you may notice the vibrancy of your paving stones start to fade over time. You’re most likely looking at efflorescence. Since paving stones are made of concrete, they don’t dry very fast. When the curing process takes place, calcium hydroxide and carbon dioxide combine and create efflorescence.

Efflorescence Removal in Bartow, Florida

The good news is that your paving stones haven’t started to disintegrate – they’re curing. By engaging in the efflorescence removal process, you can easily remove this soluble salt and base deposit, returning the appearance of your concrete paving stones back to normal.

Efflorescence Removal in Bartow, Florida

To start the efflorescence removal process, you’ll need a hose, a plastic watering can, and muriatic acid. Start by thoroughly cleaning off your patio and getting your hose ready. Mix up the muriatic acid with water (use a 12:1 ratio of water to acid) and pour this solution over a small area of your pavers. Let it sit for about three minutes, so the acid can break up the efflorescence. Quickly rinse the solution as you work, breaking up your pavers into small sections, to prevent the acid from sitting too long. Repeat these steps until you’ve cleaned all of your paving stones.

Efflorescence Removal in Bartow, Florida

Efflorescence can appear on almost any paving stone, but luckily, this process makes it easy to remove. If you live in the Bartow, Florida area and have any questions about efflorescence removal, don’t hesitate to contact us. At Unlimited Property Solutions, we’re always happy to help!

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