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You can expect several benefits when we clean and seal pavers at your home.

Brick pavers add both beauty and functionality to the outdoor living space of a Winter Haven, Florida home. At least 30 days after your new pavers have been installed, we would love the opportunity to clean and seal them. We can also clean and seal your existing pavers and bring them back to life!

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when we clean and seal pavers at your home:

  • Helps protect the pavers from stain penetration
  • Helps prevent insect intrusion
  • Pavers are better able to resist mildew
  • Inhibits weed growth between the pavers
  • Helps prevent tire marking on the pavers
  • Helps prevent harmful UV rays from fading your pavers
  • Gives pavers a clean, finished look without making the surface slippery
  • Keeps your pavers looking new and protects them for years to come

We are happy to show you the change in appearance that is achieved when we clean and seal pavers.

You will be surprised by how the process brightens the color and adds durability to your pavers, both transforming your space and protecting your investment. We recommend having your pavers resealed every couple of years to continue enjoying the benefits. It is best to have a professional handle this project for best results.

If you have questions about our service to clean and seal pavers or you would like a quote for this service or to have pavers installed and sealed, reach out to us today.

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